Our Hawaiian Dreams shorts are made from a high quality lycra with a very soft feel in pinks, blues and whites they match beautifully with our 'Hawaiian Dreams' crop and our 'Hawaiian Blue dreams' crop. Why not mix and match



'Hawaiian Dreams Shorts'

  • This is a delicate article please do not use fabric softener, dryer sheets or detergent with softener in when washing this garment. Using any kind of softener will deteriorate fabric an adhesives, may cause jewels to fall off and may lessen lifespan of the garment. We suggest hand washing with a small amount of baby shampoo and then moisture taken out by pressing it between a towel as if left dripping wet colours may run into each other or alternatively a hand wash cycle in the machine.

    Pilling may also occur on sublimated fabrics when it comes in contact with Velcro or any other rough surfaces. The back/bottom area tends to pill easier than other areas. Unfortunately this is an issue we cannot avoid due to the nature of the fabric and we can not take responsibility for any pilling that may occur.

    Many thanks for purchasing JZ garments.